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About Mélanie

Change is the Essence of Life.

Be willing to surrender who you are for what you could become.

So who am I now? An incorrigible optimist, an aficionada of craziness and laughter, a passionate yoga teacher and an enthusiastic business consultant, a nature-lover, a pround weirdo, an inquisive traveller, an ex-emergency care medical doctor, an addict of hugs and smiles, a happy vegetarian, a daily meditator, a playful acro-yogi, an occasional adrenaline-junkie, a sensual food-lover and a creative cook, a contagious enthusiast and so much more... 

But more importantly: what could I become? Wow, that's a big one. Right now I feel that I'm pretty close to living the life of my dreams, especially after the rather bumpy journey of the past three years, where I let go of my career as an emergency care medical doctor and embarked on a journey to find out what I really want in life. (See video below "from prestige to purpose") 

However, what I have learnt is that life is never static, that it's always about becoming more than being. So I take every day as an opportunity to sense, whereto life is taking me. Trusting the flow. 


Sparkling eyes – authentic gratefulness – ongoing growth – silent mindfulness - interesting discussions – unexpected hugs – spontaneous dancing – inspiring friends – infinite laughter – inner peace - love, love, love… 

From Prestige to Purpose: a 10 minute talk about my journey from being a successful emergency care medical doctor to finding out what really matters to me... 

The Yoga Revolution: A playful video about strange changes that have been happening in Buenos Aires... 


  • How to change the world (John-Paul Flintoff): a book explaining.. well... just that! Awesome, short, inspiring read! 
  • The gifts of imperfection (Brené Brown): one of the best books about authentic living
  • The happiness hypothesis (Jonathan Haidt): for me the most profound book on how to find happiness 
  • One from many (Dee Hock): for me the best book on leadership and visionary thinking
  • Leading from the Emerging Future (Otto Scharmer): one of the most intelligent analysis' of the evolution of consciousness
  • Love 2.0 (Dr. Barbara Fredrickson): defining the "moments of connection" as what really matters in life
  • The happiness advantage (Shawn Achor): putting happiness into business to gain productivity and fun
  • Light on Yoga (B.K.S. Iyengar): yoga explained by the guru himself with so much wisdom and love


  • My yoga home in Zürich with lots of lovely soul and a unique vibe: Sanapurna Studio
  • My Zurich "guruji" - sweaty Vinyasa flow classes with mindblowing music: Susann Heimgartner
  • My teacher trainer & a huge inspiration for caring, love-filled & fun yoga classes: Jenifer Yarro
  • The most charismatic Indian Yoga teacher with a charming humor and enormous knowledge: Poonam Stecher
  • My senior yoga teacher from Frog Lotus International with a broad knowledge of Indian philosophy: Vidya Heisel
  • The best studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina (and, indeed, my yoga home in South America): Buena Onda Yoga

Academic Role Models

  • The man who's workshops made me think about life goals and the purpose of life: Dr. Thomas Gartenmann
  • A committed emergency doctor, female boss of the service and a truely encouraging mentor: Prof. Dr. Dagmar Keller