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My dream

My dream for the Patients:

make medicine about healthcare, not sickcare

Today's medical care is often about alleviating pain, about curing an illness or at least part of it, about delaying death or making it bearable. If you go to the doctor it means that something is wrong with your body, that something needs to be fixed.  This focus on the negative has deep implications on both the body and mind.

I dream about medicine that is about healthcare, make hospital not only a place for cure but also a place for growth, personal development and laughther. Integrating food, meditation, mindfulness, exercise, outdoor play, body awareness and friendship into a new way of life.


My dream for the Caregivers: 

make working in hospitals rewarding, fulfilling and fun

Working as a medical doctor is a beautiful profession; highly challenging and interesting, with a sense of purpose, a safe working environment, and lots of close contacts to people. However, there is also a downside to the profession: the very long working hours, the shift work, the missing apreciation from the supervisors, the lacking time for caring talks with the patients and the pressure of always getting it right.

But working in a hospital doesn't have to be negative all the time, there's plenty of space for gratitude, encouragement, growth and connection. I see it as my mission to promote these values and thus enhance the quality of the working space in the hospital.